Dr. Scott Shannon

Dr. Scott Shannon

I decided to become a psychiatrist in high school after my first psychology class. The amazing capacity of the human mind simply astounded me. I wanted to help people by using this power of the mind. What intrigued me the most then (and now) is that our human potential remains only partially understood. I am still on that journey of discovery about our true potential. To this end, I resonate with the theme of empowerment: my greatest day is the day that you have the skills to thrive without my services.

I feel blessed with all that I have been given in my life. I have been married for almost thirty years to Suze with two wonderful children, Noah and Sarah. I love to travel the world teaching or just exploring. My nature is relentlessly creative and curious. I love to cycle, snowboard, golf, run, climb, backpack and listen to music. Seamus, my big black Lab, may accidentally show up to work with me occasionally just because he likes people so much. My spiritual life is very important to me and I have meditated for over thirty years. Helping people makes my heart sing.

As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, my current focus involves supporting young people to find wholeness and recover their full health in body, mind and spirit. Although I use prescription medication at times, I much prefer to employ natural methods like nutrition, supplements, mind-body skills, acupuncture and a shift in awareness to support the healing process. This approach represents the new field of Integrative Psychiatry. Most importantly, I employ a holistic philosophy to understand people and their struggles. The single most important thing that I have learned in my professional life is to listen well: deeply and intuitively. After this listening, much of my work involves teaching you what I have heard. I founded Wholeness Center to work in collaboration with a team of gifted healers to help you better understand your story.

College: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona
Internship: Columbia Program, Cooperstown, NY
Psychiatric Residency: Columbia Program, Cooperstown, NY
Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship: University of New Mexico
Medical Acupuncture: UCLA
President: American Holistic Medical Association: 2000-2001
President: American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine: 2011-2013
Editor/Author: Handbook of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Mental Health, Academic Press, 2001
Author: Please Don’t Label My Child, Rodale Press, 2007

degree: Integrative Psychiatrist