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Hugh Castor L.Ac.

Hugh Castor L.Ac.

Hugh’s Acupuncture Practice in Fort Collins

I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Integrative Medicine after experiencing firsthand the power of acupuncture, massage, and therapeutic exercise to heal a chronic back problem that had bothered me for years. I remember being very impressed not only with the great results of such a gentle treatment, but also my practitioner’s enthusiasm for his art and his willingness to empower me to help myself. This was the first time I had been encouraged to take matters into my own hands and help myself. I found this approach to be very effective and transformative. To me, this is one of the most exciting aspects of TCM and Integrative Medicine at the Wholeness Center, and I immensely enjoy partnering with my clients to help them resolve their healthcare issues.

I feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic place to live and as often as possible try to take advantage of the many outdoor activities offered in Colorado. When I am not in the clinic you might find me in the mountains with my son on a snow covered, back-county trail, climbing a rock wall, or mountain biking. Believing that a healthy life is a well balanced one; meditation, music, Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi Gong are also a prominent part of my daily activities.

As Traditional Chinese Medicine is appropriate as a first-line approach to a wide variety of complaints, I found that over the years my practice has become more and more oriented towards family medicine. I very much enjoy the lasting relationships and deep rapport with my community that results from this type of practice. I specialize in the treatment of pain, neurological issues, gastro-intestinal complaints, respiratory problems, endocrine and metabolic disorders, and menstrual imbalances. As TCM is a mind, body, spirit medicine, a number of different modalities might be employed depending on the cause of the problem. In this way, we have the capacity to craft an effective, personalized treatment using acupuncture, massage, herbs, diet, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness as the main tools. This approach encourages self empowerment and as such, has helped many people’s health to go from simply surviving to successfully thriving.