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Dr. Michael Mullin

Dr. Michael Mullin

During college I pursued a Minor in Philosophy, as I was intrigued by the pursuit of understanding how the mind works. In hindsight, I like to imagine that my road to becoming a psychiatrist began in ancient Greece! In medical school I found that I was more interested in helping families cope through an illness, than treating a “disease,” therefore psychiatry was a natural fit for me. Ever since, I have devoted my professional life to helping people better understand themselves in the context of life’s struggles instead of merely labeling them with a disorder. In fact, the reason I chose to specialize in Child Psychiatry was to better understand the development of an individual over the course of their lifetime.

After finishing our training in San Diego, my wife Julie (who is a family physician), our now four year old son, Sawyer, and I decided to settle down in Colorado. We enjoy exploring the mountains, biking Fort Collins’ numerous trails and traveling in general. I believe that having a child has had a deep impact on my appreciation for the hard, yet wondrous work involved with developing and maintaining a functioning family unit.

It is with this respect for the importance of the family system and the difficulties that can arise not only in the child, but any one of us, that I embark on this journey with The Wholeness Center. Throughout my training and work in psychiatry I have sought alternative approaches to better engage and ultimately empower individuals to alleviate and overcome their struggles. It was at The Children’s Hospital that I was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Scott Shannon. Under his mentorship I have been able to foster my talents for taking a holistic perspective when I work with individuals in order to help them develop a course to healing which takes into account more than just a simple collection of symptoms. I am excited to join in a truly collaborative effort to help make this happen.

College: University of California, San Diego
Medical School: University of California, San Diego
Psychiatric Residency: University of California, San Diego
Child and Adolescent Fellowship: University of Colorado Health Sciences/The Children’s Hospital Denver