About Wholeness Center

Scott Shannon MD, Leading Child PsychiatristHello: Welcome to Wholeness Center. My name is Scott Shannon, founder of this unique, cutting edge clinical program. I have been involved in psychiatry and holistic medicine for over thirty years. Each of these fields has great things to offer you. Unfortunately, the chasm between them remains wide.

During my twenty years of psychiatric practice in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado I have served in a variety of leadership roles to support community health. These positions have included medical directorships at a psychiatric hospital in Greeley, at a hospital based holistic center in Loveland and at two different residential treatment centers for severely abused children. Over this time I have become increasingly frustrated with the nature of conventional psychiatric practice.

Part of my nature includes visionary leadership about what medicine can become in the United States. As President of the American Holistic Medical Association (2000-2001) and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (2011-2013) I have given voice to my perspective. With thanks to the progressive leadership at Children’s Hospital in Denver, I have spent the past three years as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry for CU where I started the country’s first program in Integrative Child Psychiatry. Still, no one program had all the features my patients circumstances called for.

So, I decided to create the ideal mix of services, practitioners and programs right here in Fort Collins. Wholeness Center represents the leading edge of thinking in the field of mental health. Our goals are simple. We want to provide you with the best care possible to re-establish health and wholeness. To accomplish this we have placed the optimum mix of conventional and holistic services under one roof. We blend the best of both fields with an emphasis on safety and science. I have recruited wonderful providers; we all believe in a collaborative care model that emphasizes partnership, communication and you as a unique individual. Our philosophy embraces the need to build skills to empower you and your family to reach your full potential.

Although our emphasis is children, teens and young adults, we treat all ages in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We emphasize mental health issues but there is no real boundary between body and mind, so we offer a broad array of health services. It is my firm belief that Wholeness Center provides the best available for you and your family. I invite you to come explore the care available.

Be well………Scott Shannon, MD