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Affordable Counseling at the Wholeness Center

Wholeness Center is excited to offer a new mode of personal therapy. We are now offering affordable, holistic counseling to individuals, couples, and families, in order for us to better meet the needs of our community. We also have new psychoeducational, process or support groups at a significantly reduced rate.

We are currently working closely with our local universities to provide high quality therapeutic services to our clients, while creating a nourishing learning environment for university Intern Therapists. An Intern Therapist is a highly qualified, competent student finishing up their studies and working on completing their last few months of internship. Each Intern Therapist is fully evaluated, and selected based on their education and life experiences. Our interns are also supervised and supported by our own Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Anca Niculae. In addition to receiving weekly support from Anca Niculae as well as their school mentors, the Intern Therapists will collaborate with their peers, and be able to provide you with a diverse skills set due to this process. Each of our interns will be following the Wholeness Center philosophy, while collaborating closely with the other practitioner.

At your request, you will be set up with one or two Intern Therapists, and will receive regular sessions involving one or two therapists in the room with you. Anca Niculae, LMFT, the internship supervisor, will also be watching remotely or reviewing tapes of some of the sessions, and will provide supportive feedback to the team of therapists. In this manner, you will be receiving high quality counseling sessions from a team of providers at all times.

We are aware of the required courage and trust in pursuing therapy, and we applaud you for being willing to take this step in your personal growth. We believe we have created a masterpiece of an internship program and can guarantee high quality, competent services from our Intern Therapists

Contact 970.221.1106 and request an intake session with either an individual Intern Therapist or a team of two.

Session:$25-$95 based on your personal financial ability. Some insurance options available. Sessions will be offered starting June 1.

Our Intern Therapists


Holly2.jpgHolly Carpenter


I was born in Montana and raised in Northern Colorado. I found throughout my childhood, at a very young age, that there is an inherent need in people to be connected to others in meaningful relationships. I noticed that this was missing in a lot of the lives of the people around me. I realized that helping others find their authentic or true self and beginning to discover the power of being in fulfilling relationships with others is at the center of healing.

I graduated from Colorado State University with my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. It was in college that I began to discover and study different religions and spiritual practices throughout the world. I wondered how I could bring what other cultures do for psychological healing into my own work. For the next couple years I worked with highly abused and neglected children in a residential treatment center before leaving to study my masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. I am in my fourth year at Naropa and starting my year long internship at Wholeness Center which is very exciting!

I continue to work with adolescents that are involved with the criminal system, and have significant trauma as well as addiction and challenges caused from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and body image issues. My hope is that I can transfer all that I have learned from five years of working with children and adolescents, as well as the unique training at Naropa University, to individuals, couples and families giving clients the opportunity to discover joy, peace, and wholeness. I focus on a mind/body approach and believe that no healing can occur without integrating the functions and experience of being in our human bodies. I strive to meet individuals where they are at without judgment and bring them back to their true, whole self. I have a strong belief that no human is without struggles, and yet, we all possess a pure intrinsic health that can forever be tapped into in the moments of life that are most difficult. Through mindfulness, Gestalt principles, somatic experiencing and I hope to bring clients to a place where they begin to feel healing in their mind, body and spirit.


Chandra_2.jpgChandra Lontz-Smith

I am someone interested in personal growth and helping others. I love learning, about all kinds of things, but mostly about health, nutrition, and spirituality. I love learning about relationship and how the mind works. I enjoy golfing, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with family and friends. I have a practice in Kenpo karate, and I practice mindfulness meditation.

I was born in South Dakota and moved to Colorado in 1997 to attend the University of Northern Colorado. I received my undergraduate degree in Communication, not knowing what I wanted to do with it but feeling the potency of exploring and understanding the subtleties of communication and how these play out in our relationships. Through my experiences with spirituality and the healing arts of Reiki and Healing Touch I have gained a deeper appreciation for one’s relationship with his or her self and their health as well as how they relate to their mind, body and spirit.

As a counseling intern from Naropa University, I bring my enthusiasm for life and my compassion for others to my interest in working with a wide range of clients including individuals, couples, families and children. Of particular interest to me is working with individuals in blended families or with step-parents specifically. I have been a step-parent for over 13 years, and from this experience, I find that divorce and new family dynamics bring forth unique circumstances, offering both challenges and rewards. I strive to support people as they find their way through the ever-changing experience of nurturing a family. We work together to make meaning, bring better clarity to our beliefs and emotions, and better understand where we have control and/or an opportunity to bring forth change and where we do not. My intention is to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and invitation where all my clients feel the freedom to show up as they are and know that their experience, perception, emotions, resistance, and honesty are invited and honored. This may be a journey of self-discovering, creating a new relationship with stress, anxiety or depression, learning new ways of being in relationship with one’s partner or children, managing the challenges of life transitions, or perhaps finding support as one copes with divorce or begins blending a family. I believe that we each hold answers and direction for our life’s most demanding experiences, and that it is through this feeling of safety and respect that people begin exploring their current way of being in the world as well as other alternatives, and ultimately tap into their own solutions with insight and perspective.

I practice a Gestalt-oriented approach to counseling, which essentially means that the relationship between me and my clients is of the utmost importance. This is where our work takes place and where healing and transformation emerge. The techniques I utilize in therapy are for the sake of increasing awareness in an attempt to move beyond the story to the unconscious material of one’s beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and reactions. Gestalt therapy works primarily in the present moment, so clients’ histories and stories are helpful for bringing emotions and body sensations up for exploration, and mindfulness, the practice of being aware of what is happening in the present moment, helps us to explore the emotions and sensations that arise.